Frequently Asked Questions About Friv®

What is Friv?

Friv is an online games website at where you can find high quality, safe games for all the family.

When was Friv started?

Gamers were first able to play on Friv in 2006. We registered the domain name in 2004.

What does Friv stand for?

Friv doesn't actually stand for or mean anything. In 2006 when we started the site, nobody really searched for 'friv' at all. We just thought it was a nice-sounding name that was sort, easy to type, and easy to remember. As nobody else was using the name Friv for games, we were able to register it as our trademark, hence Friv®!

What devices will Friv work on?

Friv will work on all devices with an up to date browser... computers, phones, tablets and even smart televisions.

What technology does Friv use?

Originally, the Friv menu and the games ran on Adobe Flash® technology. To stay up to date, everything now runs on HTML5, meaning it should run on a wide variety of machines long into the future.

What sites are similar to has some amazing games, but other sites do too. Larger sites include and ...these are all popular sites and you should surely check them out.

Where does Friv have its headquarters?

Friv is based in the United Kingdom.

Is it safe to visit the bogus Friv sites?

It's usually safe to visit the fake Friv sites, but we can't guarantee it, and we advise against it. Sadly we have found that many unlawful Friv sites will attempt to trick you into installing ‘Flash Updates’ on your computer, and these downloads are always fraudulent. It is likely that you will be bothered by many ads and have to navigate many false links on these fake sites. Friv is our registered trademark around the world, so keep a look out for the ® symbol to help you decide which is real and which is fake. Thank you for supporting the genuine Friv.

Do you have to install Friv to play?

No. The games will always just run in the browser without the need to install anything.

Who made the games on Friv?

The games on Friv are made by many different - but all very talented - games developers from around the world. Most of the games are made by just one or two people ...the classic 'bedroom coders'.

What were the other sites like Friv?

Many sites were heavily influenced by the early Friv menu design with all the game thumbnails displayed at once, and by our simple four-letter name. You may remember sites such as and which sadly are maybe not so popular any more.

Does Friv use Flash?

Friv does not use Flash any more, either for its menu system or games, however some of the older Flash games are emulated in javascript, and so happily these can still be played.

Is Friv safe for use in schools?

Many schools allow their pupils to visit as it has proved to be a safe place to play online for over 15 years. Some schools prefer their students to access as the mix of games may be more appropriate for classroom use, and there are never any ads or outgoing links there.

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